Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Circular Acrylic Painting

This summer, Olivia did some painting projects that she enjoyed. One of them was an acylic painting that she entered into the county fair.

We found the idea on a pin on Pinterest. The pin doesn't lead to anything which is fine. The visual instructions are on the pin.

Basically, Olivia used three different colors of acrylic paint. She put them on a plate and then randomly painted two sheets of paper.

Each of the sheets had a slightly different pattern.

When she was done, she used a one-inch circular punch and cut out circles from the two sheets of paper.

She made a grid on the paper using a ruler and a very light pencil. This helped her place the circles on the page in straight lines. She glued the circles onto the white piece of paper and pressed it under a book.

She was very happy with how the final project turned out.

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Rita said...

Aha! Clever idea and Olivia's turned out really nicely! That's a keeper.

BTW--I was waiting for this post and for some reason I sometimes get several of your posts all at once in one email. I just got like the last five at once--but I finally got it. :)