Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Countdown to Halloween 2013 - Owl Theme

We are almost done with the Countdown to Halloween. Today's theme is owls. I had a variety of patterns for embroidery and craft ideas. However, the girls wanted to focus on making recipes this year so the one we did today was a simple snack mix.

Halloween snack mix.
The Cheerios represent owl eyes.

It included:

- Owl eyes (Cheerios)
- Bat ears (candy corn)
- Spider legs (pretzels)
- Ghost toes (marshmallows)
- Mummy brains (popcorn)
- Zombie skin (gumdrops)
- Witch's warts (chocolate candies)

Cookie Making

The girls also cut out cookies from the dough they made the other day. 

Olivia cutting out cookies.

We have a set of Halloween cookie cutters that they used.

Sophia making cookies 
with the chocolate dough.

Now we just need to decorate the cookies...though they are quite good without frosting and sprinkles.

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