Sunday, February 3, 2013

3 in 30 - February Goals

My 3 in 30 goals for February are:

1. Take Sophia and Olivia on two field trips for homeschooling. We will be going to Vertical Endeavors to do indoor rock climbing one day; and visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts another day.

The former field trip is part of a homeschooling day which is nice. Other homeschoolers from around the area who enjoy rock climbing will be there, so it should be a fun way to connect with others with similar interests.

The latter field trip we are taking my Mom on. We have requested a "white glove" tour which is a tactile tour of the museum. A docent accompanies us to explain various pieces of art. My Mom will be wearing white gloves so she can touch the different pieces of artwork that the docent will be describing.

My Mom's eyesight is failing and she is struggling with the loss of vision, and how that impacts her life. Hopefully, this tour will be a positive and inspiring one for her; and educational for the girls and I to see how we can better help my Mom cope with major changes in her vision.

2. Do one cleaning/de-cluttering project each week. The four areas that I want to concentrate on during February are:
=> the linen/towel/medicine closet;
=> the fabric bins in my office;
=> the "to-do" projects in my office; and
=> the items in one section of my office which need to be put away or donated so there is more space.

3. Get federal and state income taxes done. I want this done this month so that any refund can be quickly received.

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