Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wabibito - E-Magazine Review

I'm always looking for new ideas for activities to do with Sophia and Olivia. So, when Ruth, from A Woven Education and creator/publisher of Wabibito, asked me to take a look at her new e-magazine, I was more than happy to do so.

Ruth is a teacher who is currently at home with my two children. She has started publishing an e-magazine to inspire parents and educators to enrich children's education with nature. Each edition of Wabibito has a variety of seasonal activities for a variety of age ranges - from making a portable lightbox for evening hikes, to using acorns as a natural dye.

"With seasonal recipes, a story, and reading list I hope that it will be a rich resource for people wanting to 'get outside and explore' with their children. I am inspired by the education philosophies of Reggio Emilia and Waldorf traditions and these certainly have influenced my writing," Ruth shared.

The first e-magazine is a mini-edition that is focused on fall activities.

Image from Wabibito's mini-edition.

Some of the many wonderful activities featured in the mini-edition include:

* Exploring paper
* Making a nature identification book
* Dyeing with acorns
* Creating a seasonal bookshelf
* Being creative with land art
* Making easy fall snacks
* Sharing a traditional folk tale with children
* Learning how to do little yogi stretches

I look forward to summer and fall when Sophia, Olivia, and I can make the nature identification book. Not only will it be a helpful resource, but a beautiful nature book to enjoy for years to come.

The Wabibito mini-edition is available for free downloading by going here.

I also was given an opportunity to take a look at the first edition of Wabibito. It is a delightful and idea-packet e-book filled with a variety of different ways to explore light.

Image from Wabibito's first edition focused on light.

Some of the highlights from the first edition of Wabibito include:

* Making a transportable lightbox for evening hikes
* Creating wax luminaries
* Making tin can lanterns
* Putting on a shadow puppet show
* Making winter cooking treats
* Sharing a seasonal story with children

At a local Waldorf school's holiday event in November 2011 and 2012, the girls each had an opportunity to make beeswax luminaries.

Re-Dipping the Luminary
Above: Olivia creating a beeswax luminary.
Below: Sophia dipping her balloon into beeswax to create a luminary.
Finishing the Luminary

Reading through the directions on Wabibito, it details the process perfectly for those who have not made a luminary yet. These wonderful-smelling beeswax luminaries are fun for families to make together; and well worth the effort.

We tried the recipe for oatmeal scones in Wabibito; and they were delicious. Using honey from bees we had on the farm here, it was a filling and healthy breakfast one morning.

Once the weather warms up a bit and the ground is no longer covered with snow, we are interested in making the lightbox that is featured in Wabibito. It seems like taking a lightbox along on some of our nature walks would add a different dimension to what we see.

The stories that are included with both the mini-edition and first edition were engaging and entertaining for my daughters.

The reading lists in both editions, likewise, are comprehensive and have a delightful selection of recommended books that complement the theme of each e-magazine.

Wabibito is a great investment. For only $4, you will receive an e-magazine that is filled with beautiful images and ideas to sustain you and your family through this season. To purchase the first edition of Wabibito, please go here.

Disclaimer: Although I received a complimentary Wabibito e-magazine in exchange for a review, my positive opinions are all honest ones. I only recommend products or services that I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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