Thursday, March 29, 2012

P52 Photo Challenge - Details - Week 13

Details is the theme for the thirteenth week of P52. During the past week, the unseasonably warm weather coupled with periodic rain has transformed winter into a beautiful spring.

Although it is March in Minnesota, it looks like May - with perennials emerging from the ground; bright green grass growing taller by the day; trees budding; and flowering bushes and trees blooming.

One of my favorite bushes here is the northern magnolia. I planted the bush when it was a couple feet high. It now stands well over six feet tall and has about a five foot spread. In the spring, the bush is covered with delicate - yet large - fragrant white flowers.

The bush was covered with white buds on March 21st. Within two days, the majority of the buds were in different stages of blossoms. Today, the bush is still covered with flowers.

I'd like to see if I could trim a few of the branches and try to root them in water. If I could get them to successfully root, perhaps I could plant more of these beautiful bushes around the farm. It certainly would be worth a try!
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Sarah Huizenga said...

Lovely shot. It is amazing all the flowers that are coming out so early. Weird weather!

Danelle said...

I love the composition!

little macaroon. said...

beautiful shot - i love magnolia

Bridget said...

Gorgeous flower! No sign of flowers here yet - I can't wait!

msdewberry said...

Beautiful! Its soft, and dreamy! I love it!

Cierra Pera said...

Magnolia! So lovey. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I wanted to return the favor and glad I did. A little bit of spring goes a long way!