Friday, October 7, 2011

Black Stallion Challenged - 52 Books in 52 Weeks - Week 37

For Week 37 of the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge, I am reading Black Stallion Challenged by Walter Farley aloud to Olivia.

Olivia and I have enjoyed reading a couple of books in the Black Stallion series so far (The Black Stallion and The Black Stallion's Ghost). She picked Black Stallion Challenged as the next book she wanted read to her.

The book focuses on The Black who is known as the fastest horse in the United States. Alec Ramsay (The Black's jockey) and The Black are preparing for a big race in Florida over the winter.

One day, Alec receives a letter from Steve Duncan (another jockey), who challenges his horse (Flame) against Alec's champion stallion. He believes that Flame is of equal speed and riding capabilities as The Black.

Although Steve and Alec have never met, the two young men are unaware that their stallions have met. The horses' despise for each other turns into focused rivalry as the two race to see who is the greater stallion.

I'm in the process of reading this book, and it is of the same caliber as other books written by Walter Farley. The language is challenging and engaging; and makes it difficult to put the book down when Olivia and I need to take a break for bed time or a meal.

Walter Farley's use of language and images makes the reader feel like s/he has been transported right into the action. Black Stallion Challenged is an appropriate and well-written book that both adults and children can enjoy together. For an 8-year old, I'm happy that she has such an interest in this series as well as a good comprehension of the story.

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