Thursday, June 16, 2011

Handmade Party Buntings and Garlands

One of the Etsy teams I'm on is EtsyKids.  Each month there is a challenge, and for June it is "Party!" It's all about fun, sparkle, confetti, buntings, games, and cupcakes.  By going to Etsy and using the search code EKchallengejun11 you'll see a wide variety of party items.  Here's the LINK that will take you directly to all the items that were made.

I chose to make a Fourth of July bunting (also known as a garland) for the challenge.  I've seen quite a few on the internet and thought I'd try my hand at making one. 

4th of July Fabric Bunting
Available here:

In addition to the bunting for the challenge, I also made a blue one for Olivia to use for her upcoming half-birthday in July.

Two buntings: one for Olivia's half birthday;
and one for the 4th of July.

Buntings are a great way to use up fabric on hand or reuse fabric.  I've seen some buntings that are single sided and cut with a pinking shears.  However, they can only be viewed from one side.  I chose to sew two pieces of fabric together for each flag, so the bunting looks nice from each side.

Because the sides are finished, the bunting can be machine-washed and ironed. The fabric won't fray since there are no raw edges.

When making or purchasing a bunting, most people choose by favorite color or pattern; coordinate with their home design; or match with their party/special event theme.  Custom buntings can be made (either by oneself or by hiring someone who can sew).  Imagine a bunting for a child's birthday or graduation made from her/his clothes throughout the years.  What a special - and meaningful - decoration to celebrate a milestone. 

Buntings are reusable, eco-friendly decorations - both for festive celebrations as well as everyday decor for walls, windows, or rooms.  Rather than using decorations that are disposable and end up in a landfill, using decorations that can be used year after year is good for the environment...and is something that children (and parents) look forward to bringing out and using each year.   

What are some handmade decorations that you've made...or that you remember your parents using when you were a child?

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