Saturday, April 9, 2011

52 Weeks of Giving - Week 14 - Help in a Variety of Ways

The girls continued with the 52 Weeks of Giving challenge by volunteering and doing a variety of different activities. 

First, they brought the newspapers they cut for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  The WRC will use the newspapers that are cut to a specific size to line the cages for the orphaned and injured animals that they will start receiving in April.

Sophia and Olivia outside the Wildlife Resource Center with
two bags of cut newspapers.

The girls and one of the WRC staff inside the building.
The walls had interesting pictures of the WRC's work
with helping animals.

On Sunday, Olivia sang in the children's choir at church.  Sophia was not feeling well (after being sick for many days), so she was unable to sing at the service.

Olivia in the front row singing (she's the one to the far right).

Another way the girls helped was at home when the new refrigerator was delivered.  Since the items in the refrigerator could not be unloaded until the last minute, they helped unload all the food as well as clean off the sides and front of the refrigerator that had their artwork and magnets.

Refrigerator before the girls unloaded it.

It was nice to go through each of the items on the counter and only put the food back that we would eat and that was good for us. This effort was part of Project Simplify which was a five-week project that tackled some of the more challenging areas of one's home.

The new refrigerator in much better shape!

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