Sunday, October 10, 2010

I am grateful for...

As I think back on the past week, I am grateful for...

:: having one of the items in my shop (Harvest Moon by Hand) selected by HGTV and Etsy for an upcoming holiday special on HGTV.
:: being able to spend time with both my parents on Tuesday to help them with errands and a medical appointment.
:: my mom's continued recovery from surgery that went smoothly thanks to a talented surgeon and team of medical professionals.
:: being able to hear my daughters sing joyfully as they practice songs for choir and piano lessons.
:: having a nice lunch at El Burrito Mercado with Sophia and Olivia.
:: attending the fire department's open house; and seeing the dedicated volunteer firefighters who are committed to helping and serving the community.

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Creative Chick said...

That is awesome that you had your art selected by HGTV and Etsy for an upcoming holiday special on HGTV. Wow!! that is really cool. :)