Friday, July 2, 2010

Hand Stitching Sashiko Fabric

I'm finishing the last section of applique. I'm sewing (by hand) the sashiko fabric I did onto a white piece of fabric. This will be the quilt top.

There are over 13,600 hand-stitches in the quilt (not including the ones I'm blanket-stitching now). This has been one of the most labor-intensive - yet calming and meditative - projects I've ever worked on.

Once I'm done blanket-stitching the pieces to the quilt top, I'm giving it to a professional quilter who will use her long-arm sewing machine to do some custom quilting on it as well as add the binding around the edges (I'll need to finish the binding by hand-sewing onto the back of the quilt).

My deadline for finishing the quilt: July 31st. Right around the corner.

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