Monday, December 28, 2009

Mom in the Prayer Shawl I Made for Her

I crocheted this shawl for my mom since she is always cold. She can wear it around her shoulders when she's sitting up and moving around.

It also is long enough that she can put it over herself and use as a blanket. The yarn is incredibly soft and warm.

The shawl is 125 chains long using a size K crochet hook. I double crocheted the shawl until it was wide enough to go from my shoulders to mid-back.

The fringe is knotted in every other chain along the length and sides of the shawl. I did not fringe the top (along the neckline).

The shawl took 5 skeins of Angel Hair yarn.

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Cat said...

I've been thinking of knitting some prayer shawls recently for folks.
Thanks for dropping by my So-Cal carpet shop.