Monday, January 18, 2010

Melting Birthday Candles

This should teach me a lesson about waiting to make a birthday cake at the end of the day.

Should have done it earlier rather than waiting until dinner time (I had to take the girls to the homeschool co-op and was gone most of the day).

Anyway...the cake was still warm and in its pan. Put the candles in the cake and they started melting.

It was pretty sad...had hoped these tall rainbow candles would celebrate such an important milestone - Olivia's 7th birthday.

However, I think this is one of those things that the girls will remember for a long time and I'll probably hear memories about Olivia's 7th birthday for years to come. ("Hey, Mom, remember Olivia's 7th birthday when the candles melted before she had a chance to blow them all out?")

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Jenn said...

That's so funny, the exact same thing happened to Sam this year on his birthday, they melted all into his pie and we had to pick the wax out before eating it. :0) LOL