Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Window Stars

One of the benefits of being sick is that I seem to have a bit more time to do creative work since I don't have the energy to do much else.

Tried two new patterns of window stars - the one on the left hand side (the smallest one) and the ten-pointed star. The five-pointed star I've done before, but in a different color.

These are three of the stars that will be in the windows for Christmas. Made green ones and white ones as well.

I think it is important to have simple decorations around the home that allow my daughters to focus on pattern and color. The girls are always so excited to see what new patterns and colors I'm making when I make the stars.

Many of the stars I make are for customers for Harvest Moon by Hand (my Etsy shop). Needless to say, when I told Sophia and Olivia that this most recent batch of stars I was making was for them to decorate the windows, they were thrilled.

Simple pleasures can delight children and bring happiness to their days. It was so evident when the girls were told they could decorate the windows for Christmas with the stars. I'm finding that the more frugal, handmade holiday decorations and gifts are just as meaningful to Sophia and Olivia this year. For that...I am truly thankful.

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Anonymous said...

wow, these are so beautiful, are you allowed to tell us how they are made? I would love to do this with my children, they are very into window star and snowflakes at the moment.