Thursday, November 20, 2008

Benefits of Teaching Children How to Sew

One of the goals I have set for homeschooling is to provide the girls with practical, hands-on lessons in which they can develop life-long skills. Sewing is one of those skills.

Olivia, who is homeschooled at the Kindergarten level, is sewing a scarf by using the blanketstitch along the side. This will create a pocket on one side.

After sewing both pockets, she will sew on two buttons for the pockets and make buttonholes.

She wants to add flowers with button centers on her scarf (3 on each side above the pocket), and she has them lined up and ready to go.

Next to her is her needlebook that is in the shape of a house. She embroidered this earlier in the semester.

Sewing is a great activity for children, especially when they can make something functional. It improves hand-eye coordination. It teaches patience and persistence.

Olivia is proud of her scarf. She has worn it each day, and tells people she made it. Clearly, she has a sense of accomplishment and pride in a job well done.

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