Friday, June 6, 2008

Family Traditions

The Tooth Fairy has been making rather frequent visits here this year. This marks Tooth #6. With each visit, the set-up is a bit more elaborate.

Sophia has prepared a snack for her Tooth Fairy, Flossie. On the plate are lavender cookies. She has juice and water to drink (in the cup and pitcher respectively) as well as a couple of chunks of sugar cube ("for extra energy").

The tray was brought up to Sophia's room and placed next to her bed. She wrote a note, placed her tooth in a box for Flossie to find, and arranged some items around her nightstand so Flossie could see them.

The thrill in the morning of having Flossie visit is so memorable. With "fairy dust" sprinkled on Sophia's hair and clothes as well as all around the eaten food and a few coins from is something that is talked about all day.

Sometimes Flossie even leaves notes and handmade cards for Sophia. She keeps every one of them right on her nightstand.

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