Monday, June 25, 2012

The Reality of "Me Time" as a Homeschool Mom

On the Summer Blog Challenge, the prompt for the day was to describe an ideal day of "me time," without thinking of money, time, or any of life's other normal stresses.

I debated about how to approach this - from a fantasy/dream angle or a more real version of what could (and should) happen on an on-going basis. I am choosing the latter approach because I rather have a realistic list of things I can do when there are moments of free time.

As a homeschool mom, my job is truly around-the-clock versus the 9-5 jobs I've held in the past. Potentially, without breaks, I could easily get burned out. 

Articles in magazines or books about balancing one's life as a mother often encourage women to "get out more often.” I don't find that particularly helpful because the suggestions always seem to involve money - going out to lunch with friends; getting a manicure or pedicure; seeing a movie; getting a massage; or taking a weekend retreat.

What I need are the little ways for renewal within my day - right at home with Sophia and Olivia here. This is certainly a more economical way to approach life and can be equally as relaxing for me. The challenge is to have a variety of ideas "ready to go" so when these times present themselves, I can use them to my advantage rather than wasting them.

At Well Grounded Life, the author (who also is a mother) echoed this thought: "I decided I needed to be more prepared with ideas when I could steal away 15 minutes here or an hour there, to indulge in some personal time."

She continued, "My mind most days doesn't switch over from hyper-focused on my kids and the needs of the house to self-care ideas very easily…and all too often when I do have some free time, it whittles away without me taking advantage of it."

So, I came up with a list of activities that are (for me) relaxing and rejuvenating; and create some balance in my life:


- Do embroidery or quilting.

August Journal Quilt without Border
Miniature journal quilt I made in 2010.

- Read a book.

- Make a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and drink it while watching the birds.

Hot Chocolate
A morning cup of hot chocolate.

- Take a bath with scented soap and/or essential oils.

- Write.
Take a Stitch Tuesday Journal
An entry in my weekly "Take a Stitch Tuesday" journal.
I write a personal reflection and gratitude list; and 
combine it with embroidery samples and images that represent the week.

- Color a mandala.

Rainbow Mandala
One of the mandalas I colored in the book
"Coloring Mandalas" by Susanne F. Fincher


- Take a walk around the farm.

Berries Covered with Snow
Snow on berries.

- Go outside and take pictures of things that are beautiful or interesting.

Baby Wrens
Baby wrens in their nest.

- Going on a bike ride or walk down a quiet, country road.

- Watch the clouds, especially on days when they are moving quicker and changing shapes.

Orange Clouds
A sunrise one morning. 
This is the view from the front yard 
looking over a corn pasture to the east.

It would be good to continue to add to this list so that there would be an ever-increasing amount of choices when that free time becomes available and I'm looking for something relaxing to do.

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NatashaMay said...

That's a great list. :) Hope you get to chill out a bit. Great embroidery as well. :)