Tuesday, June 26, 2012

10 Things that Would be Nice if Someone Else Would Do Them

The question for today's Summer Blog Challenge is what would melt your heart. Perhaps I'm not that romantic or sentimental...but I found myself just staring at the question and not coming up with anything.

So I re-thought the question in terms of what would be nice if someone would do these things for me (even once or twice). Here's what came to mind as being most helpful or meaningful:

Make me dinner sometime. It would be nice not to have cook almost every meal.

- Make the lawn look beautiful. I enjoy mowing the lawn on the tractor. However, I never can get close enough to the edge of things to make everything look neat and trimmed. It's like putting the finishing touch on the lawn...it just never gets to that point.

Bring me a flower from the garden. Find a pretty flower and put it on the table so everyone can enjoy it.

Listen and be interested in what I'm saying. Take some time to truly listen - and not just pretend to listen. Be genuinely interested and hear what concerns me or is on my mind.

- Trim the trees that need it. After almost 17 years here, the trees have grown substantially. Most would benefit from a nice trimming, especially those that touch buildings - like the barn and hobby shed. A handsaw and a rickety ladder aren't exactly the proper tools for reaching the highest branches of some of the oldest trees here.

- Send me a nice letter or card in the mail. How uplifting it is to receive personal mail - not junk mail or bills. With email, it seems like cards and letters are things of the past. Getting something from a friend or family member in the mail is always a day-brightener for me.

- Vacuum or wash the floors. These activities in and of themselves can create quite a bit of pain in my lower back thanks to degenerative disk disease. If I want to get both done in the same day...I might as well just plan on being in pain the next day. That, then, affects homeschooling, cooking, errands, and other activities. Such simple tasks...but ones that would be a huge relief not to have to do as often.

- Pay the bills and manage the money. Although I'm capable of doing this, I would much rather have someone else do this for me. What would be even better is if a nice savings account and investments would be managed, grow, and be ready at retirement.

- Be a handyman for a day. There are so many little jobs that I would like to get done, but I do not have the skills and/or equipment to do them.

- Take a walk with me. Walk down the road in the early morning or evening when the sun is rising or setting. Seeing a bird, deer, or some other thing in nature is - to me - exciting. Share in that excitement with me.

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FrugalFoodieMama said...

I like #1. I ALWAYS do the cooking in the house because I stay-at-home, & well quite frankly, I am the only one who cooks well, lol. ;) My husband does do all the grilling, but we only do that once or twice a week.