Monday, March 27, 2017

Peppermint Bath Melts - DIY with Essential Oils

A while back I was looking at Natural Health Blogger and came across directions for making Peppermint Bath Melts.

The site says that, in addition to being both invigorating and energizing, "Peppermint contains Vitamin A that helps reduce excessive skin oiliness and strengthen skin tissue. Peppermint oil also acts as an astringent, making it very useful in treatment of rashes and pimples." They can be used in a bath (one or two per use) for a cooling aroma.

There are only three ingredients that are used to make these bath melts: cocoa butter, peppermint essential oil, and avocado oil.

I thought I had cocoa butter on hand, but it was shea butter. So, I substituted that ingredient. Had plenty of peppermint essential oil, but had to purchase avocado oil. It's kind of an expensive oil to use - especially since such a minimum amount is needed.

Had I read the original directions on Natural Health Blogger, I would have saw that sweet almond oil also can be used. The avocado oil will give the soap a green tinge whereas the sweet almond oil will not.

For one bath, I used two bath melts. These were not filled-to-the-top-of-the-ice-cube-tray bath melts- so maybe the equivalent of 1 1/2 bath belts.

At any rate, use some caution as you get in and out of the tub; and make sure to thoroughly wipe down the tub after using it. The combination of the shea butter and avocado oil make for a very slippery combination.

The bathroom smelled very nice when the bath melts were melting in the hot water. I didn't notice if it left my skin smelling like peppermint.

Since I use essential oils regularly, I don't know if I smell like peppermint or not. It's usually others who will comment about "something smells so good" or "are you wearing essential oils today" and then I know that the oils have, indeed, left their scent on my skin.


¼ cup cocoa butter (I used shea butter since that's what I had on hand)
10-20 drops peppermint essential oil (I used 20 drops which was very strong when it was in liquid form)
2 tablespoons avocado oil or sweet almond oil
Mold (e.g., small candy mold, ice cube tray)


Melt the cocoa butter in a microwave or double boiler. (Note: This took only about a minute. I melted it in 20-second increments.)

Once melted, allow the mixture to cool slightly before stirring in 2 tablespoons of avocado or sweet almond oil. Add 10-20 drops of peppermint essential oil.

Pour the mixture into the mold (I used an ice cube tray); and carefully place it in the freezer.

Remove the mold after 15-20 minutes at which time the bath melts should be solidified. Pop them out of the mold.

Note: Use the Peppermint Bath Melts as soon as possible or store them in the refrigerator.

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