Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday - March 6, 2017

The beautiful! It was in the upper 50s on Sunday and will be the same on today. The weather dips back down into the 40s and 30s later in the week. That's least it's above zero.

Right now I am....enjoying the quiet while everyone is sleeping.

Thinking....about the geese that were splashing about in our pond on Sunday afternoon.

Geese that were in our pond in May 2013.
I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the ones who visited us on Sunday.

It's definitely Spring when I hear the geese either flying overhead or swimming in the pond in the pasture.

a variety of magazines that came in the mail last week (UU World, Home School Enrichment, and AARP).

Also have A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion that I want to read and see if it's a good match for using with Sophia's and Olivia's homeschooling curriculum.

I'm trying to reduce the amount of reading materials and items that are next to my bed. Read somewhere that having lots of work (or perceived work) where you sleep interferes with sleeping.

On my TV.....there isn't much. I did watch The Martian with Matt Damon with Sophia and Olivia  on Saturday night. It was a very good movie.

Am happy that we watched it together. It was a nice evening watching the movie with all the dogs around us...and a cat here and there.

Favorite blog post last week (mine or other)....Came across Lit Mama Homeschool and a post called Dinner and a Movie. She makes recipes that are mentioned in the movie which is interesting. There's quite a few different movies and menus on the website.

Something fun to share....there were two programs through the YMCA when I was growing up called Indian Princesses and Indian Guides. The concept was for fathers to spend time with their daughters (Princesses) or sons (Guides).

We all took on special names that were on our faux-leather vests. My dad's  name was "Silver Fox"  and mine was "Little Deer." Up until this point, I always thought my dad called himself Silver Fox because his hair was completely silver/white.

This past week on a Facebook page for a small town I live next to, there was a picture of a  silver fox. A real silver fox. I had no idea they even existed. 

I'm wondering if my dad knew of the silver fox and that's why he named himself that. I'll never know. Wish I would have asked him when he was living.

However, I'm going to guess that he did know about silver foxes in the wild. He loved wildlife, camping, and exploring nature. A fox as beautiful as the one pictured above would have both delighted him and provided a sense of awe if he was able to see it.

Blog hopping (newly discovered blog)....found Broke Rich Girl who has a Financial Savvy Saturdays blog hop. This last one had so many helpful posts that I learned from; and I'm excited to  see what this upcoming Saturday will be like.

On the menu for this week....we  are using what we have on hand which has been a good challenge. I'm only buying what we run out of and need; or meat (to pair with what we have on hand). I want to clear out the refrigerator and  freezer;  and start from scratch later this Spring.

We also are eating leftovers more than usual rather than letting them go to waste.

On my to do addition to homeschooling:

Monday- finish orders from my Etsy shop; take Danny and Scooby in for their booster shots and heartworm tests.

Tuesday - harp lessons (Sophia). There's no homeschool co-op this week since it's Spring break.

Wednesday - errands and a birthday celebration. Am going to make an angel food cake with a frosting that my mom used to make. Will serve it with fresh fruit - raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries.

Thursday - the final 4-H Wildlife Project Bowl meeting prior to the regional competition.

Friday - Sophia plays the harp at the humane society while Olivia and I pet the dogs and cats. After Sophia's French lesson (on Skype), we head to Hastings for the regional Project Bowl on Saturday.  Will spend time with two other families who homeschool their children. Should be fun.

Saturday - Wildlife Project Bowl in  the morning and possibly into the afternoon (depending on how well the team does). Afterwards, go to the co-op and get some essential oils, sprouts, and  rye flour. Also visit my sister for a bit since she lives near the co-op.

Sunday - do crafting and cleaning.

In the craft basket....I finished the pillowcases last week. It's nice to have them done. I used a new pattern and learned how to add trim (the yellow fabric) to the pillowcase.

This week, I want to finish the Christmas table runner that I started on Sunday. Need to quilt the top, batting, and backing together; and then finish off the edges in some way.

Still need to make two potholders. It shouldn't take that long. I was more focused on cleaning and  decluttering this past week.

Work on the bear/northwoods quilt.

Looking forward to this week....having a little break on Friday and Saturday. There may be eagles along the Mississippi River and other migrating birds. Over 40% of migrating birds use the Mississippi Flyway - and Hastings is right on it.

There are several parks in the city that have been identified by Audubon as being important birding and natural areas. There's a map that shows where each of the parks is located.

Looking around the house....I'm so happy with the progress that I'm making with the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge.

Twenty bags of donations, garbage, and recycling!

Got rid of 20 bags (donating, recycling, and garbage) from March 1st-5th. That's four times what the goal is, but I rather tackle as much as I can during these 40 days; and let things go that I no longer need or want. The extra space and orderliness is wonderful!

From the the last 4-H  meeting when we were working on the club banner, one of the mothers pointed to the stage where Olivia was reading to one of the younger 4-Hers (a Cloverbud).

No one asked her to read the's just something she did. I was very proud - and touched - by what she did. I like knowing that when I'm not watching, she's making thoughtful choices.

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Gentle Joy said...

How nice to find your blog.... the chronicle of your time is interesting... the silver fox is amazing...... we have also been eating what is in-house more than buying more and it is a challenge, but has helped w/ the budget. :)

Tamy Bollar said...

What a beautiful fox! I'd never seen one like that either. I do believe you're right also that Spring is right around the corner, I truly love watching the geese come and go through the year. Unfortunately for me that means warm, humid weather which I detest - really can't wait until we are out of here and back north!

Isn't a great feeling to know they make the choices you would make for them? I remember a conversation with my son where he said "I could hear you in my head" which was ultimately his way of saying I remember what you taught me and made the right choice.

Congratulations on your progress for 40 bags in 40 days. I've been doing it since we arrived for this rehab project of my grandparents house and know it is a VERY satisfying feeling. We're on day 496 and I'm still finding things to donate and unclutter from our lives.

Have a wonderful week!! I'm off to check out the blog you suggested.

Row. said...

Wow you have a busy week. WTG on your 40 bags in 40 days, you are doing great!
That Silver Fox story cracked me up. have a great week!

Pamela said...

Love the sound of your weather and the angel food cake with fresh fruit. Have a great week!

Rita said...

That silver fox is gorgeous!
Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. ;)
I really like these posts.

handmade by amalia said...

I like Mondays, they have so much promise.

Carrie B. said...

Sorry I'm late catching up Ann! Looks like you're having a busy week. ;)
I never knew silver foxes existed either - boy is he pretty though!
I'm amazed at your ability with the 40 bags...that's awesome!!

Blessings on the rest of your week. xoxo