Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Foto Friends - March 24, 2017

Today I'm joining Deb for Friday Foto Friends. Come join us and share your photos!

I took only a few photos this past week. Homeschooling, doing taxes, cat sitting for my sister, and being out-and-about doing errands took a lot of my time. Not much time to spend just being outdoors casually exploring and enjoying nature.

Yet, earlier in the week, on the first official day of Spring, as I got out of the car in the driveway from bringing Olivia home from gymnastics, this was my view to the west:

and the northwest:

It's still kind of bleak out there with the tan grass and leaf-less trees. Yet, the sky and clouds were pretty to look at - filled with clouds in one area and almost cloudless just a short distance away.

When we were driving home, there was an unusual cloud formation. There was a layer of clouds (horizontal) and one vertical cloud extending what would probably be thousands of feet up in the air. It wasn't a contrail. It was a cloud. It was just so narrow and cylindrical in shape. I should have taken a photo of it.

The other thing I noticed was tufts of fur in the garden. This was soft, downy fur - like that of a rabbit.

There was no other sign of death...just these random tufts of soft fur.

One year we had a litter of rabbits nestled in the middle of a flower garden. The mother buries - essentially - the bunnies and goes out during the day. She returns periodically to check on the bunnies and feed them. Then she'll cover the nest up again - effectively hiding them from predators.

Wonder if she was thinking about using this garden as a place to raise a family...or perhaps just moving through the area.

So many activity is happening outdoors with nature this week: the sandhill cranes have returned and heard the red-winged blackbirds at the pond (pictured above). Lots of birds are singing...including birds that are returning from their winter (southern) homes.

Spring is definitely here!


handmade by amalia said...

Loved the story of the rabbit family.

Mamaw's Place said...

What beautiful pics of the sky! I love cloud pictures.

Anonymous said...

Your sky pictures are very pretty. We are happy to have our taxes done and out of the way. I hope you and your family will enjoy a nice weekend.

Visits With Mary said...

Spring is here!! Loved your view from the west, that sky is awesome.

Rita said...

Up here I am hearing the geese passing through. They follow the river. I always know when it is spring or fall by the geese travels. :)

betty-NZ said...

There are so many different things that springs brings with her and they are everywhere--in the sky, underground. You have such diverse signs of fabulous spring! Love that sky a lot.

doodles n daydreams said...

Lovely spring photos even if it still looks a bit in places. Enjoy your week.


Aritha said...

Thanks for what you are telling about the animals. I love the skies in your photos

Breathing In Grace said...

Sweet story about the bunnies.Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your pretty fotos. HOPE you're having a great weekend.