Saturday, January 11, 2014

Monochromatic - LEGO Quest #2

For the second challenge in the LEGO Quest, the goal is to do a monochromatic color scheme.

A child can pick a color - any color - and use only that color of LEGO when making whatever s/he wants to make.

LEGO Quest said to "build anything. The sky is the limit. A structure, a sculpture, functional, non-functional, anything at all, but you can only use one color!"

With that in mind, Olivia chose to do her design in red. She doesn't have a large LEGO plate in red, so she used gray.

She made a maze to intentionally try to trick the people who were out to find the treasure hidden in the pyramid. (A labyrinth would have one opening in and lead directly to the center, and the people would follow the same pathway to get out of the labyrinth.)

An aerial view of the monochromatic maze and pyramid.

They had to figure out which path to walk.

The figures are "walking" around the maze. 
Who will get there first?

In order to get to the pyramid and open the top which reveals a treasure.

The treasure inside the pyramid is revealed.

Olivia had a lot of fun with this challenge...especially since there was a little explanation to tell with it.

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