Friday, January 10, 2014

Build a Boat - LEGO Challenge - January

Outside the Brick is doing a monthly LEGO Challenge during 2014. During January, the challenge is to build a boat and then see if it actually floats.

Olivia enjoys playing with LEGOs, and normally creates homes and buildings. This is something different for her, and challenged her to think about something different.

She ended up creating a houseboat with an attached smaller boat.

If you take the roof off of the house part, there's a captain standing in front of a table filled with various equipment he'll need for the voyage.

Once Olivia was done, we put some water in the sink and put her boat in it to see if it would float.

Initially, it floated. Then, slowly, water started seeping into the corners. She tried to press the LEGO bricks together for a tighter fit, but the water still found a way to get into the boat.

Even though the boat wasn't "seaworthy," Olivia had a lot of fun creating the boat and seeing what happened when she put her creation in the water.

She is looking forward to participating in the challenge in February. 

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Jill Shepherd said...

Lego is SUCH a fabulous toy for the kids! I don't think we've tried making a boat that would float - a great project ! Thanks for sharing, we shall be trying it too!