Saturday, January 4, 2014

Build a Car - LEGO Quest #1

On LEGO Quest, there's a weekly challenge that spans a year. With 52 different challenges, there's a lot of different - and fun - ideas to incorporate into Olivia's homeschool schedule. Since she enjoys building with LEGO, she (and not Sophia) will be doing the challenge.

Challenge #1 is to create a car from LEGO bricks.

The guidelines say it can be simple or extremely complex, it's up to the child. The only real rule is that it has to be custom built. It has to be an original creation, not a pre-designed one.

Given these instructions, Olivia built a car with a sunroof.

Her driver is even safe: he's wearing a helmet.

The doors open and the top goes up and down.

The car with the sunroof in the upright position.

Cars aren't something she normally builds, so this challenge is a great way to stretch her creative skills!

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