Sunday, December 9, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Stepped Running Stitch - Week 49

For the 49th week of the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge, I learned how to do the Stepped Running Stitch. This was an easy-to-do stitch that I know I will use again in the future.

The Stepped Running Stitch is two parallel rows of running stitches. Each stitch from each row lies in between two stitches of the other row. This "stepped" structure provides a good opportunity to create  embroidery patterns using different colored floss.

As with past weeks, I included the the samplers in my journal along with the name of the stitch, gratitude list, personal reflection, and a couple of images. This week they include:

=> A Christmas Tree - We are continuing with the Countdown to Christmas by doing different activities each day. This has become a meaningful and memorable part of the holiday season. 

I think about all the memories we have created throughout the years by doing activities each day rather than simply eating a piece of candy as a way to count down the days until Christmas. It's well worth the effort and we can draw upon the happy memories at any time of the year.

=> St. Nicholas - On December 6th, it was St. Nicholas Day. This was a holiday that I didn't celebrate growing up, but started celebrating when Sophia and Olivia were young children. They enjoyed (and still do) putting a shoe out for St. Nicholas to fill with goodies. 

This year we did a few new activities and tried some new recipes on December 5th and 6th to celebrate the holiday.

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