Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reindeer Donuts, Teacher Gifts, and Hot Chocolate Cookies - Oh My! - Countdown to Christmas - Day 20

On the 20th day of the Countdown to Christmas, we made a simple breakfast of reindeer donuts. I saw the pin on Pinterest and it linked to Free Fun Christmas

Olivia making her reindeer donuts.


• Chocolate Frosted Mini Donuts
• Peanut M&M's® (we used regular M&Ms)
• Round Pearl Sprinkles (we used candy eyes instead)
• Mini Pretzel Twists (we used pretzel sticks since that's what we had on hand)


Press a red peanut M&M® into the hole of the chocolate frosted mini donut. Press two round pearl sprinkles into the chocolate frosted mini donut for the eyes. Break a mini pretzel twist in half and press them into the top of the donut for antlers.

Sophia's reindeer donuts.


After breakfast, we made some gifts for teachers. The idea came from a pin on Pinterest. The pin doesn't lead to anything. Rather, the description said to put notebook paper into a frame, hot glue a ribbon onto the corner, and include a dry-erase marker.

The girls picked out two colors of ribbon for each bow,
and a matching marker.

These were very easy to make, and are perfect for a to-do list. Using a dry-erase marker on glass works well.

Olivia made one for herself, and she used it immediately to write down what she needed and wanted to do for the next two days.


The last thing we did today for the Countdown to Christmas was made cookies that look like little cups of hot chocolate. The pin leads to Party Pinching, and has a picture of a precisely-decorated cookie. There were no instruction to make the cookie, so Sophia and Olivia made their own versions of the original recipe.

Olivia making hot chocolate cup cookies.

We used Anna's Ginger Thin Cookies, large marshmallows (one per cookie), miniature candy canes, miniature marshmallows, melted chocolate chips, and decorator sprinkles.

Sophia's completed cookies.

First, we broke off the ends of the candy canes to form the handles of the cup. Thankfully, we had lots of candy canes to work with because we probably broke as many incorrectly as we did correctly.

Then, we used a knife to make a hole in the side of the marshmallow and insert the candy cane.

Using a bit of melted chocolate, place some on the Anna's Ginger Thin Cookie and attach the marshmallow to it.

Use a spoon to put some melted chocolate onto the top of the marshmallow to look like cocoa is in the cup.

On top of that, place three tiny marshmallows (the mini-marshmallows need to be cut many times to make even smaller marshmallows).

Add a decorate candy sprinkle to the front of the cup. (The original pin also showed the base cookie being frosted with little sprinkles where each curved section is on the cookie. The girls were happy with their version of the cookies and didn't want to add more frosting and sprinkles to the cookies.) Enjoy!

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