Saturday, December 1, 2012

P52 Photo Challenge - Giving Thanks - Week 48

This week's theme is "Giving Thanks." I think it would have been a better fit last week since Thanksgiving was on Thursday.

However, as I looked at the pictures I took during the past week, I found one that I thought captured the theme.

Sophia and Olivia at Interstate State Park.

Today, on the first day of Advent, we began our daily activities to celebrate the season. One of the activities that we did was go to Interstate State Park. Although it was overcast, the weather in the 40s - a beautiful day for climbing on the rocks and looking down at the river.

Most of the leaves were off the trees, leaving only a few brown- and rust-colored stragglers on the branches. The rocks were covered with pine needles and leaves in some parts...and were damp in other parts. It made for adventuresome climbing when not wearing proper hiking shoes.

Nonetheless, it was nice to see one of our favorite state parks in the off season. It brought back wonderful memories of activities that we did there during the summer - naturalist-led classes, hikes, and rock climbing.

Many reasons to give thanks.

Project 52 - p52 weekly photo challenge with Kent Weakley

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msdewberry said...

Our provincial parks are usually closed during the winter season. You have to park outside the gates and walk in to see them, which is a shame because they are beautiful in the winter too! I think, at least here where it rains a lot they also are more green than in the summer months. Love to visit them, they are quiet and almost spiritual. Glad you had a good visit to your local area park!