Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Donate Hair to Locks of Love - Countdown to Christmas - Day 18

Today, on the 18th day of the Countdown to Christmas we went to a hair salon and donated our hair to Locks of Love.

We each started out with hair that was at waist or hip level. It took Sophia about four years to grow out her hair and for Ann it took about two years.

Sophia's, Ann's, and Olivia's hair before the haircuts.

Olivia's hair - although to her hips - was not long enough for her to donate. If she had cut it about 10" it would brought it up to her shoulders and that was too short for her (in her opinion). She chose to have a significant percentage of her hair cut so that she can begin to grow it out again.

Our hair after the haircuts.

Sophia had about 14 inches of her hair cut. She is enjoying her new shorter look; and was very happy to make her first donation to Locks of Love.

Sophia and Ann holding their ponytails 
that will be donated to Locks of Love.

Ann had about 12 inches of her hair cut. She is happy to have made her fourth donation to Locks of Love.

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Rita said...

Wow! My hair won't even grow that long and it is so thin that even in a ponytail I have to tie it with little girls tiny bands because anything else slides right off. Congrats! Nice thing to do. :)