Monday, December 31, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Rice Stitch - Week 52

The final week of the Take a Stitch challenge has arrived. I have learned almost 50 new embroidery stitches this year as well as learned how to combine stitches to create interesting samplers.

For the past month and a half, I have been choosing what stitches I've wanted to learn because there are some basic ones that I never learned prior to doing the Take a Stitch challenge. I also had a lot of activities on my plate with the holidays, so trying to learn complicated stitches is something I mentally couldn't undertake at this time. I needed something easier.

So, this week...the 52nd week of Take a Stitch Tuesday...I went back to one of the very basic stitches: the Rice Stitch.

The stitch is basically small straight stitches in a random pattern within a defined area. For one image, I did the rice stitch within a heart shape; and the other I did within the shapes of three balloons.

The heart represents the holidays - the spirit of giving and love that is so prevalent during this season. It also represents missing my Dad...the first Christmas without him.

The balloons represent both Sophia's 12th birthday as well as completing several year-long challenges that I set out to do:
=> Take a Stitch Tuesday
=> P52 Photo Challenge
=> Heartwarming Animal Stories Reading Challenge
=> Embroidery Journal Project
=> 12 in 12

In addition to the personal reflection, gratitude list, and name of the stitch, there are two images this week:

=> Reindeer carrying an evergreen tree with two birds on its back: This is a reminder of Christmas - the preparation, activities, baking, cooking, musical performances, theater performances, and - of course - Christmas Eve traditions of writing letters to Santa; putting cookies and water out for Santa; and putting carrots and oats out for the reindeer on the mudroom roof.

=> Set of 4 pottery mugs with the seasons represented on them: This represents the year-long projects that I now have completed and can put behind me (see above for the projects and challenges).

I am both satisfied with what I accomplished in this most difficult year...and happy that I have ways to remember what I did because - in all honesty - I think most of this year I've been in shock after my Dad's death. As I look back on things I wrote, took photos of, and did I am thankful I have them because in many instances I don't remember doing them.


So, it is with a sense of accomplishment (and relief) that I am wrapping up the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. Although I am so happy that I documented this year and recorded the more positive elements of it through the personal reflection and gratitude lists each week, it was a big project to do.

I will not be doing Take a Stitch Tuesday during 2013. Rather, I will be embarking on some new projects that I want to do as part of my lifelong goal list that I wrote about this summer. I'll be writing about some of the goals throughout 2013 and my progress...much like I did for Take a Stitch Tuesday.

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