Sunday, December 23, 2012

P52 Photo Challenge - Anticipation - Week 51

For the 51st week of the P52 Photo Challenge, the theme is "Anticipation." There were six girls in the children's choir on December 23rd. The service was focused on music - instrumental and vocal.

The children's choir had to wait until almost the end of the service before they joined the adult choir to sing This Christmastide. It's also known as Jessye's Carol, because it was originally written for soprano Jessye Norman.

The children waited in the fellowship hall and had quite a bit of energy. They were eagerly waiting to put on their robes (they only have worn them when they've sang this song last year and this year - so this was very special to them).

Once they had their robes on, they still had lots of energy. So, we suggested that they get into a pyramid for an untraditional pose.

The choir in the pyramid.
Olivia is by herself on the top row; and 
Sophia is on the far right in the bottom row.

We all wondered what it would be like if we could get the adults/seniors to join in the pyramid with the kids. Perhaps some year...just not this one. At least the mental image of the full choir in a big pyramid in front of the Christmas tree was one that we could smile at as the children waited eagerly to sing this beautiful song.

Project 52 - p52 weekly photo challenge with Kent Weakley

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