Saturday, July 16, 2011

Red - The Summer of Color (Week 6)

I can't believe this is already Week 6 of The Summer of Color challenge. This week's color is red; and I did a couple of things with this color.

First, I made two red window stars. They are made from translucent paper that lets the light shine through so the pattern of the star is revealed. 

Two red origami window stars.

The 8-pointed star with the sharp points is folded 9 times per point. With eight points, it is folded 72 times before it is glued together.

The other star I made is folded 19 times per point. With 8 points, it is folded 152 times before being glued together.


I also made two quilt squares this week. There are twelve squares now...the quilt is coming along.

Two red quilt squares. Seven different fabrics are used for each square
to represent seven days in the week.

As I mentioned last week, I'm using only fabric that I have on hand for the quilt. I'm not purchasing anything new. It's definitely one of the most resouceful, "make do" quilts I've made. Only four more weeks left - or eight quilt squares - before I'm able to start arranging them and laying out the quilt top. 


Although the red isn't as vivid on this little bird as it is on adult robins, it fits the challenge of incorporating something winged into your work (in this case, a quick photo).

I was walking to the garden on Friday afternoon, and a ball of feathers moved on the ground.  A baby robin had fallen from its nest.

Baby robin on the ground.

It was quiet for a while, but very curious and eager to be fed.

When I moved the camera a bit closer,
it opened its mouth slowly to be fed.

After a call to the wildlife rehabilitation center, they said that it would be fine to pick up the bird and put it back in the nest if it had not already flown back up to the nest. Birds have a very weak sense of smell, so there's not a problem with the mother rejecting the baby.

By the time I went back outside, the baby bird had flown back into the nest. I felt so lucky to have been able to see the young bird at this stage of its life. Normally, the robin nests are so high and well-protected that the young ones are not visible until they are fully-grown.


Mandy said...

just beautiful..i am in awe of your ability to make folded paper look so darn

Diane said...

Beautifu!! ---truly inspiring work!
...and I LOVE your robin story!

Sharon said...

Love your red creations!!! You are very clever - the window hangings are beautiful.

linda said...

Love the depth that you have achieved with the window decorations. Also beautiful quilt and love the idea of the 7 different fabrics for each day.

okienurse said...

those red window stars are awesome. Love the pic of the baby bird! I have 4 finches nesting in a hanging pot on the patio that should take flight this week! They are so fun to watch!

Teri C said...

Beautiful. I am also in awe.

Lesley said...

I love your baby robin....
Your paper folding is amazing - I can never get it right so am in awe!!

Joanna said...

Stunning, like jewels!

Anonymous said...

wow, those window embellsihments are stunning,, everything is.I'm so glad the baby robin story ended on a happy note, I hate sad endings!!

Elisabeth R said...

Your origami stars looks great in red! And I love your quilt pieces too! I am so looking forward to seeing the finished result when time comes! :-)

Netty said...

Your origami is totally wonderful and loving your red quilt pieces as well. You are a woman of many talents. Annette x

The Altered Paper said...

Brilliant Sun Catchers!
The Red is Stunning! And love the close up you managed to obtain from the baby bird!
A Great picture to frame! Hugs,Tee

Sandi said...

Your red pieces are stunning, I do love your window stars. Thanks for sharing the birdie pics!

Kristin said...

Oh, the little baby bird - how sweet. So happy it found it's way home. And your origami is just amazing - I loved hearing how many folds you took to create them - the results are just beautiful. And your quilt is coming along so well - I'm looking forward to seeing the final results, xo

Terrie said...

No one else has done origami and those stars are incredible. I can't wait to see your finished quilt....what a great idea and way of creating with what you already have.

Noemi said...

Wow, wow,wow. How beautiful are this stars and that little robin is so cute.
I always envy people who can sew, I wish I could.
I am looking forward to see that quilt put together.

creatingme said...

pretty! ...and I keep seeing pics of baby birds everywhere! Too fun!