Sunday, July 3, 2011

Green - The Summer of Color (Week 2)

There's a ten-week challenge called The Summer of Color that's on Twinkle Twinkle Like a Star. The Summer of Color encourages participants to focus on creating an item (or more) in a specific color each week.  Currently the challenge is on Week 3, but I wanted to start from the beginning and do all ten weeks.

During the second week, the color was green.  I made two embroidered gift tags.  The Dala horse is based on a traditional Swedish folk-art motif and was from a contemporary Swedish craft book.  The tree is from an embroidery book in which the author/artist created designs and items for every color. 

Each of the tags is made from 100% wool felt and embroidered with cotton floss. After I embroidered the design and cut out the horse or tree, I cut out a matching piece of watercolor/drawing paper. I glued the paper onto the felt design using fabric glue.

After letting that dry, I strung some embroidery floss through the embroidered design and paper.  The tags can either be used to embellish gifts and/or hung on a Christmas tree to be enjoyed year after year.

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NaNa said...

Ohhh... That Dala horse is a cuttie! Love it!