Sunday, July 31, 2011

Orange - The Summer of Color (Week 8)

For those of you who also have been participating in The Summer of Color and/or who are following along each week, thank you for all the positive comments about what I've made each week. Thanks to

During the challenge, I've enjoyed creating a variety of window stars and quilt squares in each of the featured colors. The encouraging and uplifting comments have been such day-brighteners for me!  Thank you! 

I've been enjoying seeing the creativity and beautiful items that the participants create each week. It's amazing how diverse all the items are even though we are all using the same color. 

For this week, Kristin assigned the color orange. So, I made two orange window stars that have 16 points each.  Each star is made with a special translucent paper that lets the sun's light shine through and illuminate the pattern.

Orange Sunburst Star with 16 Points
Orange window star to brighten a room.

This past week I had an interesting thing happen: a hummingbird visited one of the window stars I made that had four colors in it: red, orange, yellow, and pink.

It hovered around the window star for quite a while which was such a treat to see!

Autumn Window Star
I'm wondering if the hummingbird will come back
this week and visit the window stars.

I added a couple more orange stars on August 2nd:

I usually don't make a lot of orange window stars,
but the summer sun seems to make the patterns more defined.

I finished two more quilt squares so there are now 16 squares ready to be made into a quilt. 

Two quilt squares in orange-patterned fabric.

I'm beginning to think about how to put all the squares together into The Summer of Color Quilt. I'm committed to only using what I have on hand, and it looks like white is the color of fabric that I have the most of - so that will (most likely) be the background of the front of the quilt (in between each of the squares).

The back side of the quilt will be the twin sheet that my daughter no longer uses. It's a very soft cotton with a high thread count.

It has images of lavender pale lavender violets with a plum- and yellow-color center.  There are 1-2 leaves behind each flower.

With purple and green as my favorite colors, this seemed to be the best piece of fabric for the backing.


Kelly said...

That is so beautiful! I admire your creativity!

Mandy said...

You k.ow I love hour

NatashaMay said...

Beautiful star! Hummingbird must have mistaken it for a flower. :) That is quite a compliment. :)

Christine said...

Amazing and Beautiful - How do you make them? I would love to try and teach this to my students - Beautiful

Kristin said...

Ooooh - so so pretty! I Love these - they look like real jewels - and loved your bird story ;) I am so looking forward to seeing all your stars in the window as a whole (if possible ;) and of course your quilt. It makes me smile every time I think of it. Thank you, xo

Netty said...

Am so looking forward to seeing your quilt. Loving your story of the bird and your beautiful hangings. x

Donna said...

I love that orange !!!
would love to see the quilt

creatingme said...

so bright and awesome!

JessiVille said...

Oh your window stars are just stunning! I can see why the hummingbird was attracted - so beautiful!
Jessi xox

Elisabeth R said...

Those stars are so pretty! And I can hardly wait to see your quilt in one piece! :-))

Liette alias Pixelle said...

oh wouaw your windows stars are so perfect...the color and the details are fabulous...

Janelle said...

Your window stars are lovely. The quilt squares are great too. It will be nice to see it put together.