Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

Valentine's Day this year was one that required some improvising. In the past, I have decorated the windows with window stars and had handmade embroidered felt bags filled with goodies for everyone.

This year, the bin I keep all the Valentine's Day items in was inaccessible since the hobby door had a significant amount of ice in front of it. If I were about 4 inches wide, I could have gotten into the hobby shed. No such luck this year.

So, I used what we had on hand: a pink tablecloth from my parents, placemats that we've had for many years, and white lunch bags to hold small gifts.

For breakfast we had egg strata. It was a new recipe I've wanted to try. It was good, though some more eggs/milk would have been good. Also got a strawberry Danish because not everyone eats egg bakes.

Made a smoothie with frozen strawberries and raspberries mixed with cranberry juice, honey, and strawberry yogurt. It was good. We used to have smoothies a lot and then stopped making them for some reason. May have to revisit making smoothies again.

Got the girls each some candies, lotion, a candle, and necklace. Olivia got a 500-piece puzzle and Sophia  got some eye shadow.

Also gave them flavored pockies and dip (an Asian treat). They had not had the dip version before so they were excited to try something new.

We went to Joanns and Michaels to get supplies for the One Stop Donation Drop and jewelry making respectively.

Headed to the co-op and got some sushi, a sustainable beverage that Sophia wanted to try, and some organic candies that Olivia wanted to dry.

In the afternoon, we helped at a Valentine's Day party at the nursing home. "Elvis" made an appearance which the seniors enjoyed.

The girls and I served Valentine's Day cookies and punch to the residents who were there. Also brought the treats to residents who stayed in their rooms. They were pleasantly surprised.

When we came home, I made dinner and set the table.

We had stuffed Italian shells (a mixture of ground beef, mozzarella cheese, parsley, onions, and mushrooms) that were covered with spaghetti sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese.

There were breadsticks too.

Sophia made the desserts. She made little lava cakes that were topped with whipped cream. This isn't a great photo because the cakes were still hot when they were served, so the whipped cream melted almost immediately once it was put on the cake. The cakes tasted AMAZING! Super delicious!

 She also made swan cream puffs.

On the body of the swan (on the inside) is a chocolate base topped with homemade whipping cream. They were delicate and very tasty.

She even made a special dessert for Olivia: a chocolate mousse inside a chocolate container.

Needless to say, Olivia was very happy to have her own dessert.

It was a nice Valentine's Day; and one that was filled with a variety of things to eat and do. 

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Rita said...

I have forgotten about smoothies, too. I think because I think of hot liquids in the winter--LOL! Looks like you had fun...even Elvis--LOL! ;)