Saturday, February 17, 2018

Chinese New Year 2018 - The Year of the Dog

Chinese New Year was February 16th this year. It's the Year of the Dog.

Our original plans were to have a Chinese meal at home that evening. However, Cooper and Danny got into a rather scary fight that changed the course of the evening.

Both the dogs are fine. However, both - who view themselves as Alpha dogs within their own small packs - need to be less testy to one another. We had made a lot of progress during the past year with the adoption and then introduction of Danny and Scooby to Aspen and Cooper. Although there have been times when they bark at one another - it was nothing like what happened on Friday night.

Thankfully, no blood was shed. Danny was shaking and quite frightened after the encounter. The dogs are now temporarily separated from one another until we feel like they can be okay with one another again.

So...with that being said, we postponed our Chinese New Year dinner until Saturday evening. I had purchased a variety of items from the store and cooked everything. It was a lot easier than trying to prepare the items on my own.

We had vegetarian eggrolls, chicken dumplings, vegetable fried rice, and beef and broccoli stir fry.

Danny joined us for dinner. It was safer for him to be on Sophia's lap - especially with food around.

It was nice - and simple - way to celebrate Chinese New Year. Wish there were activities locally to celebrate Chinese New Year, but there aren't. It would be fun to go somewhere next year that celebrates the holiday so we can see a Lion Dance, have Dim Sum, and enjoy other activities.

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Rita said...

Sorry to hear the dogs were fighting. Looks like a wonderful meal, though. :)