Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Things that Made Me Happy This Month - February

There were some things that stood out during the past month that made me happy. First, the girls joined a local Leo Club (for 12-18 year olds). I'm the co-leader of it; and the teens have really enjoyed getting to know one another and do projects together.

During February, they knitted hats for newborns on round looms. They also enjoyed a heart-healthy meal together. The girls went with two of the members to see "Black Panther" and had fun. I'm hoping that they continue to enjoy doing service projects and social activities together.

In the middle of the month, Sophia and I went to visit St. Kate's - where I went to college. It was nice being back on campus; and visiting with a friend I graduated with 30 years ago. Touring the campus, listening to the women (students and administrators) speak reminded me of the power of all-women campus and the opportunities that are available to the students - particularly in terms of leadership and personal growth.

I've been making window stars this month which has been fun. Some have been for my Etsy shop. However, many were for the One Stop Donation Drop + Blood Drive that is on Saturday, March 3rd.

The window star below is a pattern that I created using the patterns from two different window stars. I like how they look together.

I am enjoying the warmer weather. Days that are in the 30s are infinitely easier to handle than those double-digit-below-zero days. Even Danny is enjoying the warmer weather and likes to spend more time outside - especially on days when the sun is out.  He only has to wear one sweater now to keep warm...rather than a sweater and his parka...when he goes outside.

We've been seeing beautiful moonrises and sunsets. Below is an "ordinary" sunrise through the pine trees. What doesn't show up in the photo is that the rays of light were streaming through the pine trees and into the yard. It was magnificent.

Other things that have made me happy during February: seeing many bald eagles returning to the area and often soaring above where I am. One morning, as I was filling the bird feeder on the mudroom room, I whistled to let the birds know the feeder was filled again. All of a sudden - out of nowhere - a bald eagle flew directly overhead with its wings outstretched. It was breath-taking!

I've seen quite a few cardinals (male and female) at the feeder. A pileated woodpecker even showed up one morning. That's unusual.

I also found out what is living in the den in the snowbank in the ditch: a raccoon...maybe even raccoons! There was a rather rotund raccoon that we saw a week or so ago. Saw one again peeking out behind a tree by the driveway one afternoon. It walked along the fence line and then went up the tree. It climbed almost to the top and stayed there for a while.

About a half hour later, Cooper started barking. The raccoon had shimmied its way down and was back on the ground - walking again along the fence line.

It has been nice seeing the wildlife and hearing the birds sing again. Spring is right around the corner!!

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