Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tutorial: Feather Pens

Olivia has a lot of feathers and pens. What should she do with them? Is there something that could put both to good use?

Absolutely...she made feather pens!

The idea came from a pin on Pinterest that led to Huffington Post which then led to Crafty Endeavor.

This is a very easy craft project that included the following materials:
- Three pens
- Three large feathers
- Lace - from our bin of different types of laces
- Green floral tape

The first step is to wrap the tape around the pen. To do this, she put the feather almost to the base of the pen. She used the floral tape at the base of the pen and feather and then worked her way up the pen to the top.

Floral tape is sticky on on both sides which is nice - it grabbed onto the pen, the feather, and itself as Olivia worked.

After the tape is on the pen and the feather firmly attached, Olivia wound the lace around the pen. It is overlapped slightly so none of the floral tape is exposed.

The finished feather pens took less than a half hour to make. Now she has unique pens to write with...and ones that will be intriguing for the cats to watch as she writes.

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Rita said...

Ha! I bet the cats love those pens! I'd have to put them away in a drawer or you-know-who would chew them to bits--LOL! Cool idea, though!! :)