Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Revelation in Autumn - Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks - Week 35

Normally for the Read 52 books in 52 Weeks challenge, I've been reading books that are on my "Want to Read" list. However, with planning the homeschool year I haven't had as much to devote to longer books.

So, I went to the library and went through the fiction section looking for books that were short in length and that had the first major word that started with "R." I came across A Revelation in Autumn by Wanda Brunstetter - a short 124-page book that is actually the fifth book in a series of six books.

Although it was part of series, it stood on its own well...until the end when one of the main characters who was suffering from amnesia had a revelation. Now, of course, I need to read the next book to know what happens.

This was such an easy read, and one that was a pleasant surprise. I don't read romance novels and this one teeters on the edge of being one. That being said, because the main characters are Amish, the romance was nothing like what you read in typical "romance novels."

Basically the story revolves around Meredith Stoltfus - a young widow who just had a baby fathered by her late husband. A young man, Jonah Miller, has grown quite fond of Meredith and wants to court her. Yet, Meredith's in-laws - particularly the mother-in-law - disapprove. They are concerned that if Jonah and Meredith get married, that they will not see their grandchild.

Meredith, though still grieving, cares for Jonah and likes that he can be a good provider for her and her son.

Just as Meredith and Jonah begin to talk of marriage, the husband that Meredith believes to be dead is about to remember something from his past. The story ends with this young man - who is called "Eddie" because he no longer remembered his name due to amnesia after an accident - remembering something critical about his past.

The story ends leaving the reader wondering if "Eddie" can put together the pieces of his life that he struggles to remember before he loses Meredith again.

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