Sunday, August 31, 2014

Protractor Art

One of the 4-H projects that Olivia did for the county fair this year was Protractor Art. The idea - which combines art with math - came from a pin on Pinterest that led to Art Is What I Teach.

In and of itself, the project looked interesting and one that Olivia wanted to try. However, I wanted her to see what the inspiration was for the project: Frank Stella's Protractor Series.

After learning about the artist and looking at his work on the internet, Olivia drew her own design using a pencil and protractor.

She outlined her design with a Sharpie marker, and then colored it with colored pencils.

She thoroughly enjoyed this project and was proud to have it displayed at the county fair.


Bethany said...

That looks like a great art project. We will have to try our hand at it sometime. :)

Rita said...

I would have loved to see a picture of Olivia's art. Congrats to her. :)