Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Nature - A to Z April Challenge

Nature has been a valuable and integral part of homeschooling since the girls were in preschool. One of our favorite activities related to nature is caring for the birds at our farm by having a variety of homes and feeders for them; and watching the birds enjoy and use what we provide.

Although we have many birdhouses here, we did not have bluebird houses. So, last month, Sophia, Olivia, and I built bluebird houses at a local state park.

The girls working on their bluebird houses.

This month, we stained each of the birdhouses so that they will last longer.

Sophia staining her bluebird house.

We are going to put the bluebird houses on the east-facing and north-facing fences.

Olivia staining her bluebird house.

We also need to clean out all the birdhouses so that they are ready for the birds to use this spring. The weather during the past week has included snow, rain, and sleet so it hasn't been ideal for working outside. Hopefully within the next week the weather will improve so we can work on the birdhouses.

It's been so rewarding to see new families of birds each spring and summer use the homes we have here. We have enjoyed seeing the parent-birds introduce their children-birds to the feeders; and watch them fly around our farm, and rest and take shelter in the trees.

Nature will always play an important part of homeschooling for our family. The birds and other wildlife we regularly see here will always provide wonderful memories and happiness that will sustain us throughout our lives.

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Annie Leonard said...

We have a small blue bird house made from a board found in the road. It started out as just a building project for Joe and Papa to do together but we actually had a bird family move in last summer. The first batch died but we had a second that survived and it was so much fun to watch them as they grew and fledged the nest.