Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blog Angel Reveal - Blue Giraffe Crafts

For the past month I've participated in Blog Angels on Craftbotic. I chose Blue Giraffe Crafts as the blog to be an angel to during April. I was drawn to this blog because of the combination of crafts and cooking - two interests of mine.

Here are some things that I did during April:

The first thing I did was follow Blue Giraffe Crafts's blog and add it to my blog roll. Then I became a friend on Flickr, "liked" Laura's Facebook page, and followed a few of Laura's boards on Pinterest.


I tried to leave a comment on each post Laura wrote during April...though I'm not sure if that raised any suspicion that I was her Blog Angel. Commenting on posts was easy to do because they were interesting and relevant to what I enjoy reading.


On Flickr, there is a photo of a cross-stitched Moroccan style pendant which Laura did on a wood base. I've never seen stitching done on wood before, so this was something new and intriguing.

She also has a wonderful collection of photos of items that she's sewn including book covers, purses, pincushions, pillow covers, and pencil cases.

There's another collection of photos of work that she's sewn and embroidered. One of my favorite items is a cross-stitched star done on what looks like wood.

There's also an adorable cross-stitch deer that Laura made. There's a link to Blue Giraffe Crafts' blog for more information about it.


There were no updates during April on Blue Giraffe Craft's Facebook page, so I wasn't able to do anything on that.


Laura has nine boards and 103 pins on Pinterest. I particularly like and am following the Crafty Projects I Want to Do board. 

Some of the many ideas on that board include a beautiful - yet simple - lacy decoupage project, a fabric envelope tutorial, and a hand-embroidered patchwork cuff. I pinned these projects and a couple other ones - so hopefully my followers saw her pins and are following some (or all) of Laura's Pinterest boards.

I also am following Laura's Food board and pinned several recipes I'd like to try at some point:
=> Ginger Miso Grain and Vegetable Salad. (Although Pinterest says it goes to a suspicious link, I checked it out and it's fine. It goes to a blog called Food to Glow.)

Being a Blog Angel has been a great activity during April, and has introduced me to some wonderful recipes and crafts that I would not have normally found had it not been for Blue Giraffe Crafts and the Blog Angel program.

If you enjoy helping other bloggers by commenting, linking, pinning, posting, or tweeting...take a moment to check out the Blog Angels program. It's a nice way to help and encourage others...a win-win for everyone involved.


Cocalores said...

Wow, you've been a busy blog angel =) She really has a lot of great projects, right?

Laura said...

Thank you very much for being my blog angel! It's been really nice hearing from you and interesting looking at your blog as well over the few months. :-)

Rosie said...

Wow you really have been busy. I can see that Laura is thrilled to bits that you have been in contact. I hope you manage to stay firm blog friends from now on!

Thank you for taking part,

Rosie xo