Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Drama - A to Z April Challenge

It seems like drama has always been a part of homeschooling for Sophia and Olivia. There are many ways that children who are homeschooled can develop their acting skills.

Community Theater

One of the activities that Sophia and Olivia have done is participate in community theater.

Sophia Bringing Chocolate Milk to Ms. Otto
Sophia bringing chocolate milk out to Ms. Otto.

They did this one year and enjoyed being involved in many aspects of the play - including acting, singing, movement/dance, and  costuming.

Olivia Reciting Creed during "The Chocolate Milk Cow"
Olivia reciting the animal creed during
"The Chocolate Milk Cow."

Church Plays/Performances

They also have been involved in performances at church - typically around the major holidays (e.g., Christmas, Easter).

Final Song in Play
The girls singing during the Christmas play.

This is an activity that they do in conjunction with the children's choir that they are involved with each week.

Pretend Play

The most frequent and enjoyable drama that Sophia and Olivia do is playing at home. From their early years and continuing to the present, the girls both like dressing up in costumes, using props (e.g., crowns, hats, gloves, costume jewelry, scarves, dishes, play food), creating stories, and acting them out.

It never ceases to amaze me how creative they are when creating these "mini dramatic performances."

Doll/Barbie Play

Sophia's and Olivia's interest in dolls and Barbies have waxed and waned throughout the years. At times, they would eagerly dress their dolls and play with them. At other times, the dolls, clothing, and props sat idle in containers.

Sophia Playing with Molly
Sophia looking through some clothes for her doll
several years ago.

At this time, both the girls enjoy playing with Barbies and set up elaborate and changing "scenes" depending on what the theme of their play is for the day. It can take Sophia and Olivia as much time creating miniatures "stages" and "scenes" for their dolls to use as it does for them to play.


Having a variety of ways that children can engage in dramatic play and/or learning about the theater arts is a worthwhile and exciting part of a homeschool curriculum. It's been a joy to be able to watch and support the girls as their skills in this area develop throughout the years.


Anonymous said...

I am visiting from the A to Z Challenge. Just wanted to say it is wonderful you are homeschooling your girls. I am still debating on if I will put my oldest into Kindergarten or home school her.

Sharon Himsl said...

What a wonderful imagination! My granddaughter does the same with her Barbie is so cute to watch! Thanks for visiting my blog:).

Chris said...

What beautiful memories you and your children will have for ever. When I take a visit down memory lane, [which is often] I recall my sons at play and so many times I would hear them say 'Let's pretend'. My boys often talk about how they used old telephone books as cars. You need a good imagination to work that one out.

Rinelle Grey said...

I'm always amazed at how many opportunities there are for homeschooling families these days. We have a local group who does small drama workshops. My daughter isn't interested at this point, but it's nice to have the opportunity there when/if she is.

Rinelle Grey