Sunday, November 11, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Rosette of Thorns Stitch - Week 45

This week's stitch for Take a Stitch Tuesday is another labor-intensive one that creates a little stitch that sits off the fabric (the Open Base Picot). In my work, I like things that lay flat against the fabric - not protrude or dangle off in any way.

So, I found another stitch that I would be more likely to use in my work. It's called the Rosette of Thorns Stitch. It's a variation of the blanket stitch which I enjoy doing.

The image I saw with the instruction about how to do the stitch showed each rosette a bit more rounded than what mine turned out like. One of the reasons is that the Aida cloth I used had larger squares than what the instructions pictured. Instead of using a 14-count (which is what I used), using a 20- or 22-count Aida cloth would give a smoother, rounded look to each rosette.

Rosette of Thorns sampler that I did.

I chose red and blue embroidery floss along with white Aida cloth because the presidential elections were during this time period. 

Once I was done with the sampler, I put it along with a gratitude list, name of the stitch, a personal reflection, and images that reflected the week in my journal.

The two pages for the Rosette of Thorns stitch.

This is what the images mean:

- Turkey - preparing for Thanksgiving.

- Cross with Deacon stole - this is from the card I gave to my Dad when he was ordained as a Deacon. It reminds me of completing the 808-page book that has all of his homilies, invocations, and prayers that he wrote and spoke when he was a Deacon.

It also has a sampling of his writing throughout his lifetime, positive things people wrote about my Dad, and things that I excerpted from the CaringBridge website I kept for him while he had Alzheimer's Disease (e.g., things that I found on his desk and in his offices that reflected his values and beliefs; things people wrote to my Dad on cards and in letters that reflected his positive impact).

- Postage stamps - one has the U.S. flag to represent the presidential election; and two have images of Christmas to remind me of the things I'm doing to prepare for the holiday next month.

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