Sunday, November 4, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Double Blanket Stitch - Week 44

On Take a Stitch Tuesday, there are some more complicated stitches being shown that seem too overwhelming at this point to try to learn. Also, some of the stitches - like this week's Woven Picot - sit off the fabric which I don't like in the type of embroidery that I do.

So, instead of not learning a stitch this week, I've chosen another more basic stitch that sits flat against the fabric. It's called the Double Blanket Stitch.

It basically is a row of the blanket stitch done in one color. Then, the fabric is flipped over and the blanket stitch is done again, but this time in a different color and the stitch is done in between the other one.

The double blanket stitch done with
orange and black embroidery floss.
There are different widths and heights of the stitching
to see how each one would look.

I put the sampler - along with a personal reflection, gratitude list, name of the stitch, and some images that reflected the past week - in my journal. This is the second composition journal I've used and this one now is getting full as the end of the year approaches.

The two pages in my journal focused on the Double Blanket Stitch.

The scrapbook paper (the background paper), embroidery floss, and images all relate to Halloween since that was the main focus of this past week.

Sophia, Olivia, and I did a Countdown to Halloween this year which was very fun and helped create some positive memories at this difficult time. (This time last year both my parents were hospitalized at the same time in different hospitals - my Dad with complications due to Alzheimer's Disease and my Mom because of diabetes.)

When I look at these pages in my journal, it will remind me of the Halloween-theme food we made, the pumpkins we carved, art projects we did, and other activities that were enjoyable for us all.

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