Monday, July 16, 2012

Watermelon Ice Window Stars - Summer of Color - Week 6

For the sixth week of Summer of Color, the color inspiration was Watermelon Ice. First I used the Chip It! program by Sherwin Williams to create a palette of colors to work with based on the picture of the sherbet.

To make the window stars, I'm limited with the colors available in the type of paper I use. So, the colors I chose to work with this week were: red, orange (which the Gladiola color above looks like to me), brown (the closest color in between the black and Bookwood Red above), and pink.

This week, the last week of the Summer of Color, I made four stars instead of three so I could use each of the colors.

The brown star seemed kind of out of place in the left photo,
so I took another one with just the red, orange, and pink.
The former is more true to Watermelon Ice 
(the brown representing the seeds),
but I like the brighter colors by themselves.
I also did not combine the colors this week, like I have for the previous five weeks. Rather, I did one color for each star. The pink one, by far, was the easiest with only 11 folds per point (or 55 folds total).

The red star is in the middle with 13 folds per point...or 65 folds total.

The brown star has 10 folds per point. With 8 points, that's 80 folds to make the pattern.

The orange star is a pattern I've never made before. It's slightly more complex than the other stars with 16 folds per point...or 80 folds total. I like this pattern, and am curious to see what it looks like in other colors besides orange. 

As a side note, the early evening a hummingbird came to visit the window stars. Whenever I do the pink-red-orange combination, the hummingbirds always seem to visit the stars. Perhaps I need to hang a hummingbird feeder near the feeder to enjoy these birds for longer periods of time while they eat.

Do you have a favorite color and/or pattern out of this grouping of window stars?


What Remains Now said...

As a group, the pink ones really jump out at me, but my favorite is the orange one. I love the color and the design.

Kristin said...


Diana Taylor said...

Another group of beautiful stars - the colours are fab.

Carolyn Dube said...

I am once again amazed at how different each star is - and how precise your folding is! WOW!

Joanna said...

Stunning, those folds are so sharp and neat.

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Your beautiful stars give a beautiful sunshine in this rainy summer (here in Hollanda).
Great work.
Lovely greet

Shahrul Niza said...

Amazing finale from you!. Love the bright red colors, no wonder hummingbirds are visiting :). Hugs.

Nora CG said...

Beautiful stars, all look fun!! Great job!

AnnieC said...

oh these are so beautiful - I love the pink orange red combination with the light shining through... I want to make some!