Saturday, May 12, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Half Chevron Stitch - Week 19

This week for Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST), the featured stitch is the half chevron. I learned how to do the chevron stitch in February. Both the stitches are easy to do once you have the pattern figured out. As with the chevron stitch, I chose to use Aida cloth because then the stitches would be more uniform in size.

The first sampler has four half-chevron stitches - each in a different direction. For some reason, they remind me of a windmill. The middle three rows of stitches are done in the running stitch.

For the second sampler, I practiced doing the stitch in pale pink and yellow. The blue stitches are just straight stitches in different patterns. I'm not sure why I did addition and multiplication signs on the bottom row. Perhaps math was on mind after a day of homeschooling, and teaching third and fifth grade math to Olivia and Sophia.

I found this image about how to do the half-chevron stitch helpful:

As with past weeks, I incorporated the samplers into my TAST embroidery journal. It includes a personal reflection/journal entry, list of five things for which I'm grateful, and two bird images (the goldfinch and grosbeak that represent things that I've seen during the past week.


Carolyn Dube said...

This is beautiful- these stitches remind me of some stencils I have- I hadn't thought about how stitches and stencils could be similar. I love your color choices-esp.when it is all together in your journal!

Gwen said...

You make it look so easy. I will definitely have a try....
Lovely work!

Annet said...

I like your windmills!