Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 25 - Name Place Holders

Name Place Holders
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These are the name place holders that the girls and I made for the children's table for Thanksgiving. The idea came from the November 2004 issue of Family Fun magazine.

The base is made from polymer clay. Each foot took about 2 ounces of clay. They are formed into a triangular shape and then you cut (with a knife) triangular pieces out of the foot to create the "toes."

Before baking the feet, you place the fabric-coated wire into the foot so there's a hole (but not all the way through the foot). Bake as the package directs.

For the face and feathers, there's a pattern on the Family Fun magazine website. I used different scrapbook papers that I had on hand for the feathers. The face, beak, and snood are from construction paper.

Behind the beak is a tiny wood clothespin. After wrapping a fabric-covered wire (18 gauge...should have been 20 gauge, but there were none in stock at the store) through and around the clothespin, I hot-glued the clothespin onto the beak.

I made nametags for each of the children under ten years old, and cut them out. On Thanksgiving (today), I put them together. The children seemed to really like them.

(Made as part of "Art Every Day Month.")

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