Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 20 - Creativity in the Kitchen

Stuffed Shells
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"Art Every Day Month" encourages people to be creative each day - whether it's in the visual arts, music, in the kitchen, writing, or photography. It's up to each participant.

So, today one of things I did was try a new recipe from "Family Fun" magazine. I needed something quick to prepare. The recipe called for pre-made, frozen meatballs. I chose to make and bake homemade meatballs instead.

While they were baking, I made the jumbo pasta shells and drained them.

I greased a 9x13 inch pan and put about a half cup of spaghetti sauce into the bottom of the pan.

Once the meatballs were done, I put one in the center of each jumbo pasta shell and placed it into the pan.

Had a few bits of pasta left, so those went on the top. Then, I put the rest of the spaghetti sauce on top of the shells. On 2/3 of the casserole, I put 2 cups of mozzarella and Parmesan cheese; and the other 1/3 had dairy-free cheese so Sophia could eat it (she has a dairy allergy).

Served herb bubble bread with the pasta dish. Everyone's plate was clean which is a good sign. It's a very easy recipe to prepare and one that is worth repeating.

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