Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 22 - Playing the Piano

Piano Being Tuned
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One of the things I've been doing more of this month is playing the piano. My parents paid for ten years of lessons when I was in elementary school through high school. As a "thank you" this year for Christmas, I'm going to go to their home and play a little concert of music that includes holiday songs as well as songs they may remember me playing when I was growing up.

As I was going through my piano music the other day at their home, I came across a collection of music that my dad had put together for something that happend in August 1989. In it, there are many songs that I know are his favorite ones - including "Here I am Lord" which was sung at the ordination when he became a deacon.

My goal is to practice at least four days a week and learn "Here I am Lord" before the 20th of December. Around that time (a few days before Christmas), Sophia, Olivia, and I will surprise my parents with the "concert" with us all playing songs that we've learned and want to share with them.

As my father continues with his journey with Alzheimer's Disease, music is such a powerful tool for comfort; accessing memories and language; and to raise one's spirits. I'm hoping that the music that the girls and I share with him and my mom do all these things.

As a side note, the picture shows the inside of the piano when the top comes off. The piano was just tuned and it sounds a lot better.

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