Thursday, January 12, 2017

Visit to the Weismann Art Museum

Today we went to the Weismann Art Museum at the University of Minnesota.

We were supposed to go to the Physics Force Winter Show at Northrop, but the two closest parking lots were full and I couldn't find another one within a 10-minute walking distance of the auditorium. It worked out well because we enjoyed seeing the art at the Weismann.

The first thing that caught our eye was the glass fish. It used to be in the conservatory at the Walker Art Center. However, the Sculpture Garden is undergoing a renovation, so the fish was transported and relocated to the Weismann. I think it's going back to the Walker when the renovation is done.

Next was a gallery with unusual figures and drawings. One had a number you could call and listen to a poem (which is what Sophia is doing).

The exhibit was part of The Talking Cure. There were individual figures...

groups of figures....

and drawings.

One of the galleries had three-dimensional wood sculptures that we all liked. The colors were either bright or white with a contrasting, bright color.

There was an exhibit that you could walk into and stand by each door. As you stood there, a recording would come on that had different voices of people...

or animals. At the door where Olivia is listening, she can hear a dog barking.

There were sections about Korean furniture and accessories that we liked; an iron-poured sculpture of the Mississippi River and its tributaries; paintings; and ceramics.

There were both antique and contemporary ceramics from around the world.

After our time at the Weismann Art Museum, we stopped at Alliance Francais to get Sophia's French textbook and workbook.

Then we went to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. We enjoyed seeing the wide variety of handmade books in the MCBA bookstore. Such creativity and beauty!

It was an unexpected day filled with art and inspiration.

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Rita said...

A lot more interactive than I would have imagined at an art museum! Cool! :)