Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Diaper Bassinet and Washcloth Bouquet for a Baby Shower

Sophia, Olivia, and I went to a beautiful and heart-warming baby shower this past weekend for the daughter of our neighbors. We have been neighbors since 1995, and have watched their daughter grow up from a middle-elementary school child to a engaging and thoughtful young woman.

So, I wanted to do a couple crafty gifts along with our other gifts as a way to celebrate this special milestone in her life.

The first project I did was a diaper bassinet. The idea came from this pin on Pinterest that led to Cute as a Fox's tutorial.

I used 14 diapers (size 1) to make the bassinet. There are ten for the bed, one for the backing, one for the top, and two for the base.

The first one took a bit of time to figure out since the tutorial was for size 3 diapers. However, I think they came together nicely.

I made two of them since there were plenty of diapers in the  bag. The second one was easier to assemble and didn't take as long to do.

The second project I did was a washrag bouquet. The idea came from a pin on Pinterest as well.

Basically, you take eight washrags and roll them up, insert them into a cone made from scrapbooking paper, and attach some curling ribbon.

As I looked back on the pin and my washrag bouquet, I would re-roll the washrags as shown in the pin. They look a bit more like flowers rather than washrags in the original pin. Regardless, it was still a fun way for me to present a gift rather than just having them sit in their packaging.

When we got to the baby shower, everything was so beautifully decorated. There were other ideas that  Jeannine (the grandmother-to-be) had seen on Pinterest that she created - like the balloon clouds with blue raindrops that Holly (the mother-to-be) sat under while she opened the gifts.

The little clothesline of dresses, ruffled diaper covers, and colorful toys brought back nice memories of picking out the same type of clothing for Sophia and Olivia when they were younger.

There were fun games - like a diaper raffle and  guessing how many jelly beans filled the baby bottle.

There was the Baby Shower Price is Right game. The total for the products was about $63. Most surprising was how much powdered formula had increased since we had to purchase it back in 2001-2004.

The food was spectacular - everything tasted so delicious - from the fresh fruit kabobs to the chicken salad.

If that wasn't enough: the dessert table was overflowing with beautifully-decorated desserts.

The chocolate-covered strawberries were huge and tasted so fresh - just like they were picked that morning from the strawberry patch.

Holly and her husband (Alfred) received gifts that will completely set up the nursery, and their forthcoming daughter's wardrobe for quite some time.

We had a wonderful time at the baby shower. Seeing how much work and love was put into the baby shower; the handmade gifts that Jeannine and her husband (Kent) made for the baby; and the attentive hospitality of Kent and Holly's brother, Michael, showed toward the guests made the afternoon one that was memorable and special for everyone there.

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